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Pierre Bouree Cote de Beaune-Villages 75cl

Product Code: WRTB0144


The Vallet family (also known as Bouree Pere et Fils) is a grower and negotiant who owns holdings in Gevrey-Chambertin - the entire single vineyard of Clos de la Justice - Beaune Epenottes ('Premier Cru') and Charmes-Chambertin ('Grand Cru'). They also source the best grapes from growers in other areas, with whom they have worked closely for many years. Their Burgundies are complex, fine and taste of old-fashioned, 'real' Pinot Noir and develop charmingly in bottle. As Louis Vallet, father of present managing director and winemakers Bernard and Jean-Christophe, explains: "…flashy flavours and aromas are not what great wine is about. I can put some fruit juice in water and you'll have an exciting bouquet. No, the most important element of greatness is 'origine'; is the wine complete? Is it harmonious? Is it fully itself? Does it have finesse? I tell this to my colleagues in Bourgogne and, sad to say, many don't know what I mean…" Superior to the level of quality normally delivered by this 'appellation', the grapes are sourced from selected vineyards in the 'Villages' communes of the Cote de Beaune to the south. It offers attractively authentic Pinot flavours - lightly smoky with 'sweet and sour', red fruits cum vegetal earthiness - and quite firm structure tinged with a tad of maturity, acidity and dry grip. 1997 has been hailed as an excellent vintage in the Cote d'Or with fine acidity and persistent length.